How to Beat Jet Lag

December 11, 2017

Follow these proven tips to minimize jet lag symptoms:



Don’t expect to adjust to a new sleep cycle if you neglect your body. Start the hydration process before departure. Preoccupation with traveling itself can place water intake on the back burner. Once you realize your thirst, the dehydration process is well on its way. Get ahead of the game prior to boarding the plane where the dry, recycled air only accelerates water loss.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

A good night’s rest is vital before departure. Stick to your bedtime routine and aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep. If you are leaving early in the morning and full night’s sleep is not possible, attempt to shift your sleep schedule (i.e. go to sleep earlier). Remember that your body needs time to adjust; therefore going to bed two hours the night before your trip probably won’t work. Try a gradual approach over a stretch of days.


Arrive in the Evening

If you have the option, arrive at your destination in the evening. Regardless of the journeys duration, I always feel drained after traveling. There is no better way to get readjusted than grabbing a nourishing meal and going off to bed.


First Chance, Get Some Sun

At your first opportunity catch some rays. Locate a place where you can access direct daylight for approximately 10min; face the sun and let your body cycle reset itself. The extra vitamin D is also a nice boost for your immune system. A quick tip, sun through the window does not work.


Avoid Naps

At all cost, avoid naps. You are only extending your acclimatization period by taking a snooze. Find a way to fight through the sleepy spells. Stay awake through to evening to fall asleep closer to your destinations typical schedule. You are more likely to get a full-nights rest to wake the next morning alert and ready to conquer the day. 


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